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Hello world! December 29, 2011

Here at O My Dog!, we are proud to present a product line that is natural, safe and earth friendly – a grooming line that is both healthy and useful. O My Dog! produces eco-friendly pet products that are manufactured at FDA approved labs using sustainable, better-then-human quality ingredients. Our natural care products are worry-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic – the kind of gentle, safe skin and coat care your dog deserves.

A Better Product

As with every pursuit, in the beginning, we spent countless hours working side by side with numerous experts in the field. Thanks to some very gracious veterinarians, we were able to devote all of our time to research and development. Working with hundreds of dogs of all sizes and breeds gave us the opportunity to develop a signature line of canine skin remedies. Those early skin care products were the beginning of what would eventually become a highly successful and effective line of natural care pet products.

When we started out, there were many over the counter dog products available, but nothing that met the standard of quality that we intended to create. We wanted a product that was made from nothing but natural ingredients, something that our clients could feel good about using on their animals. It was clear; we simply needed a better product. We needed to give our fellow dog lovers the chance to use something that was a cut above the rest. What we have to offer today is the culmination of those efforts – a line of skin care shampoos, conditioners, creams and other products that have provided pet owners consistent, positive, long-term results.

A Dream Realized

 As the founder of O My Dog!, I developed my passion for dogs growing up as little girl, a time when I often tended to stray, homeless animals. It is through that perseverance and hard work – with a little fun along the way – that I was able to create the best line of all natural, herb-based shampoos, spritzers and problem solvers for keeping your pooch’s skin pampered and problem free.

The company started out with just four products. Today, I can honestly say that thousands of dogs experience the difference with O My Dog! skin care options. While the journey has been challenging at times, it has also been filled with love, passion and heart. I wanted to celebrate our dogs by giving them O My Dog! I am happy and pleased to say that what we got is simply a dog tail above the rest!

From our dog to yours, it’s a belly scratch in a bottle!

Arlene  (Divo’s Mom)



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